Cleaning feather Pillows

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These are the steps in cleaning feather pillows:

  • Prepare the necessary things needed for cleaning feather pillows like laundry detergent or a liquid detergent, washing machine, dryer, clean tennis shoe, pillow case and warm water.
  • Check the feather pillows for any tear or damage. Before you start the cleaning, if there are any repairs, do it. If there are any tore parts or damages when you clean the pillows, this might cause further damage to the pillows.
  • Place the feather pillows inside the pillow cases. A preferable pillow case for the cleaning is the one that zips shut the pillowcase. This will ensure that the feather pillow will not be removed from the pillowcase.
  • Put warm water in the washing machine and as the machine is filling up, put laundry detergent in to mix it well with water. If you use liquid laundry detergent, use just a little less than usual.
  • Place your pillows in the washing machine. It is important to balance the load so that there will be no interruptions when the machine starts to wash the pillows. To balance, you can add towels or the likes. The important thing is to balance the load.
  • Halfway through the washing, try to flip the pillows to have an even cleaning. Also, to save more time in drying, you can run them in an extra rinse. An extra rinse also removes excess detergent from the pillow.
  • For the final drying, put your pillows in the dryer. Let a clean tennis shoe join them. The tennis shoe will make the pillows fluffy and put them back in their shape. You can also put two tennis balls or a flip-flop. For better results or for a fluffier pillow, check and fluff your pillow after every 20 minutes. The drying time will depend on the size of your pillows, but the whole drying time usually takes between one and a half to two hours.

Always clean pillows and pillow cases so that dirt and bacteria will not lodge on them especially that we use these pillows in our head. Bacteria and other particles can get in our face and may cause some skin problems like acne build up, rashes and break outs.

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