When Getting A Cleaning 

This is what will save time and money with us or any cleaning service. When you have  cleaners coming, whether your getting an hourly or a set price cleaning all thing must be moved off the floor, counter top, bathroom, shower and tubs this saves the cleaners more time to spend on other parts of your home and you less money to spend on ex time needed to completing your home. When your shower and tubs have a lot of hard water and soap scum that can take up to an 1 hr to 1 1/2 hr. Note that when getting your windows and blinds dusted or cleaned that can too take up a lots of time. When you have a lot of nic nats on your tables, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen counter tops that takes time to move and put back in place. Please let us know if something is not done the right way or not done at all you hired us to do a job and we want to do it right leaving you satified with our work.